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Serial Killers: Being and Killing

Serial Killers: Being and Killing - S. Waller, John M. Doris, Fritz Allhoff A collection of essays that explain philosophical concepts using serial killers as a launching pad.

Generally not great, with a few pretty good ones and a couple of bad ones too. Something like half the authors seem to have chosen to write about Dexter to prove how hip they are to pop culture; most of the ones that write about real killers stick to the super-famous.

My favorite essay was Chapter 9, "Killing with Kindness," by Elizabeth and Harold Schechter. Nice and crunchy. I'm going to look for more by them, individually or together, and I also made note of their recommended books on the topic.

Least favorite was Chapter 7, "The Allure of the Serial Killer," by Eric Dietrich and Tara Fox Hall. This one felt like reading a sensationalistic "True Crime" book, not least because it repeats a bunch of old stories that are generally considered exaggerated at best and politically motivated fabrications at worst by modern historians.