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GOTH (v. 1)

GOTH (v. 1) - Otsuichi;Kendi Oiwa I got this (graphic novel version) by mistake; the text version was recommended, and somehow I ended up ordering this from Amazon.

If I had to summarize the story, it would be "He's a budding serial killer. She's obsessed with death. They fight crime!"

Jokes aside, the story is a couple of steps above the slasher fare I was expecting. I'd call it psychological horror but it's also quite graphic.

The art is pretty enough that I'd like to blow up some of the pages and hang them on the wall. Unfortunately a couple of characters aren't drawn very distinctively, so on a few panels it's hard to say who is doing/saying what to whom. Nevertheless I'm giving it 5 stars because it's so much better than I expected.

Still want to read the novel, though.